Remote Displays Keli DPM

Remote Displays DPM is add-on device of indication intended for doubling of weight readings. Generally, it is used in weighing construction and other fields of industry. Housing is metal; it may be connected through interface RS232 or by current loop mode.

Technical Data

Display 6 sections, LED red.

Symbols height 75 mm with DPM-3, 127mm with DPM-5.

Baud rate 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600bps.

Power consumption 10 W.

Connection mode RS232, current loop 20mА.

In a set Connection cable – 10m.

Current loop 20mА: Keli (K8A, D2008FA), Yaohua (A9, D10, DS1, DS3), MKCells (MK-Di01, D2002E).

RS232 support 5 Fun:

Fun0: default (Keli/Yaohua).



Fun3: R320, R420, A9, K8A, D10, DS1

Fun4: BSWI, M18SS (DIGI28SS), D2+, …

Fun5: VT200, …

Operating temperature: 0-40℃.

Operating humidity: ≤ 85%RH.


Remote displays 3 inches DPM-3 500x160x60 mm.

Remote displays 5 inches DPM-5 750x240x63 mm.

Pin Connect

Mô tả chân đấu nối Remote Displays DPM với Weight Indicator

Remote Displays DPM jack connect Weight Indicator

Current loop 20mА: Pin 1 and Pin 4: Shorted; Pin 2: RXD; Pin 5: GND.

RS232: Pin 1 and Pin 4: Opened; Pin 3: RXD; Pin 5: GND.

Keli DPM Pin Connect

Keli DPM Pin Connect

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