Load Cells “S” Type VLC-110 / VLC-110S

Load cell VLC-110/VLC-110S

VLC-110 / VLC-110S S type load cell is applied with “S” appearance, high accuracy, good stability and made of best alloy steel. S-type load cells are mainly used to measure tensile forces, but also are suitable for compressive force measurement. Our S beam load cell is suitable for hopper scale, crane scale, hock balance, burden balance, building machinery fields and so on.

VLC-110 / VLC-110S was applied in: Mechanical scale conversion, Tension / compression measurement, Tank, bin and hopper weighing, Truck scale conversion.

STANDARD CAPACITY of VLC-110/VLC-110S: 50lb, 100lb, 150lb, 250lb, 500lb, 750lb, 1Klb, 2Klb, 3Klb, 5Klb, 10Klb, 15Klb, 20Klb.

VLC-110/VLC-110S: Alloy steel construction with nickel plated treatment.

Cable length: 20Ft.

Cable color(4 core):

Exc+ Exc- Sig+ Sig- shield
Red Black Green White Yellow

Specification VLC-110

Accuracy Class


Max.number of load cell intervals

Nmax 3000

Ratio of min. LC verification interval

Emax/Vmin 10000

Rated Output

(mV/V) 2.95 ~ 3.05 ± 0.25%


(%FS) 0.03


(%FS) 0.05


(%FS) 0.02

30mins Creep

(%FS) 0.03

Temperature Effect On Output

PPM/°C 15

Temperature Effect On Zero

PPM/°C 26

Input Impedance

(Ω) 385 ± 15

Output Impedance

(Ω) 350 ± 3

Insulation Impedance

(MΩ) ≥2000 (50VDC)

Total error

(%FS) C2. 0.05

Zero range

(%FS) 1.0

Temperature service range

(°C) -10 ~ +40

Operating temperature rated range

(°C) -35 ~ +70

Recommended Excitation

(V) 5 ~ 12 (DC)

Maximum Excitation

(V) 18 (DC)

Safe Overload

(%FS) 150

Ultimate Overload

(%FS) 300

Protection Class



Steel Alloy(VLC-110) / Stainless steel (VLC-110S)

Dimension (inch)

Kích thước lắp đặt Loadell chữ "Z" VLC-110/VLC-110S

Kích thước lắp đặt Loadell chữ “Z” VLC-110 / VLC-110S

VMC_VLC-110/110S ‘S’ Type Load Cell Datasheet Document

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