Weight Indicator Yaohua XK3190-A9+P

XK3190-A9+p Weight Indicator

Weighing indicator XK3190-A9+p adopts high precision ∑-Δ A/D conversion technology, widely applied in electronic floor scale, electronic truck scale, static railway scale and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1~8 load cell.

Technical parameter

Class: OIML Class III, N=5000.

A/D conversion method: ∑-Δ.

A/D conversion speed: 10 times/sec.

Input signal range: -16 mV ~ 18 mV.

Max. connection number of load cell: 8 at 350 ohm or 16 at 700 ohm.

Load cell connection mode: 6 wire, auto compensation for distance ≤ 50 meters.

Verified counts: 3.000.


Max.internal resolution: 600.000.

Display: 7-bits 0.8 inch LED display, 3-level battery indications.

Clock: real clock without effect when power off.

Scoreboard interface (Standard): Serially sending by 20mA current loop with baud rate 600, transmission distance ≤ 2.000 meters.

Communication interface( RS232 C standard; RS422 optional): Serial communication interface, with selectable baud rate by continuous sending method or on command method.

Print interface (Standard): Parallel sending, able to connect with wide-line printer model KX-P1121, KX-P1131, LQ300K; micro printer for model A9+p.

Power supply: AC 187~242V,49~51Hz; DC 6V/10Ah battery.

Connect Load cell with Jack Load cell DB9 (9 pin) on XK3190-A9+p

#Chân 1 2 5 6 7 8 9

Shorted #1 & #2, #6 & #7 when Load cell 4 core.

Connection with Load Cell

Connection with Load Cell, Short connect PIN 1 and 2, PIN 6 and 7 when connected a load cell with 4 wire cable


XK3190-A9+p Weight Indicator Manual

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