Digital Load cells MKCells MK-LUD 30t

Digital Load cells MKCells MK-LUD 30t

Load cell MKCells MK-LUD is one of the most popular models of load cells submitting by manufacturer MKCells (USA). It applies for railway and truck scales.

The present model of load cells possesses advantages such as explosion safety, impact resistance and high accuracy.

Digital load cells MK-LUD in their design have built-in analogue-digital transformer (ADT). Digital signal about weight is transmitted under RS-485 interface that permits to increase considerably distance between weighing platform and weighing indicator (up to 1000 m).

Digital load cells have some advantages as compared with analogue models:

Digital technology protects equipment against fraudulent operations.
Unreceptive to external noise, pickup.
Continuous auto diagnostics of load cells.
Simplicity of maintenance and repair.
Possibility of removal of equipment up to 1 km.

Type of MK-LUD is Double Ended Shear Beams.

Protocol Type: C type, E type, O type.

Application in truck scales, rail weight scales, Silo scales.

Orange/SS Load cell cable (φ6mm × 16m)

Exc+ Exc- Sig+ Sig- shield
Blue Black White Red Yellow

Engineering data

Rated load (Еmax) 10t, 15t, 20t, 25t, 30t, 40t, 50t
Accuracy class OIML R60 С3
Update rate (Hz) 50
Creep (30min) ± 0,02% F.S.
Total error ± 0,02% F.S.
Operating temperature range – 30 ~ + 70°С
Advisable voltage supply (V) 9 ~ 12
Maximum transmission range (m) 1200
Housing material Alloyed steel (A)
Stainless steel (SS/S)
Rated sensitivity (ISN) 500,000
Resolving capacity 60,000
Baud rate (BPS) 9600
Sensitivity temperature deviation ± 0,02%/10°С
Maximum permissible load 150% F.S.
Breaking load 150% F.S.
Maximum voltage supply (V) 20
Protection class IP68

Dimension (mm)

Digital Load cell MKCells MK-LUD

Digital Load cell MKCells MK-LUD


Digital Load cells MK-LU-D

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