Weighing Controller Cabinet KCB-S


The KCB-S (base on MCU NXP-LPC-1768 and CS5530) Basic console contains everything that is required to suit most basic batching, bagging, filling, emptying, check weighing applications.

Automatic and Manual Operator Controls.

Trade Approved by TCVN.

One year warranty.

Lamp Illumination for positive Operator Controls.

Internal Memory for Storing Setpoint Weight Targets.

Automatic Batch Count & Net Weight Totals.

Universal FlexiComms for Report Print formatting.

Automatic Re-Start for Multi-Cycle Batching (Zero Band).


In a Configuration To Suit You

Four versions: Basic, Standard, Intelligent & Custom

Room To Upgrade

Enclosure has provision for future expansion

Quality You Can Rely On

12 Months Warranty

With Component Diagrams

Diagram of circuit and wiring connections

Robust Construction

Industrial metal painted enclosure IP56

Quality Electrical Components

250VAC 10A Contacts, Spare double contacts

Renowned A&D Safety

Operator controls are spring return off for safety

Various Sizes Available

Sizes from: 400h x 300w x 210d (mm)

Languages Available

English, Vietnamese

Strong, Yet Light

Total weight 9.8Kg (11.5Kg Packed)


Fertiliser Blending Plants

Plastics and Rubber Mixing Plants

Stock Feed and Flour Milling

Chemical and Food Manufacturing

… and many other industries.

KCB-S Basic

Setpoint product target

Dual speed (fast & slow) feeding control

Auto re-start (zero band)

NEW – Remote control RF 433MHz to 350 metres

KCB-S Standard

High speed (100) batch control

Setpoint product target

Three speed (fast, medium, slow) feed control

Auto tare

Auto re-start (zero band)

Automatic batch accumulation (weight or count)

Discharge start & time control

NEW – Remote control RF 433MHz to 350 metres

KCB-S Intelligent

High speed (100) batch control

Multi-ingredient recipe batching

10 ingredients – expandable to 20

100 recipes storage

Three speed (fast, medium, slow) feed control

Fuzzy logic, automatic inflight compensation

Full alpha-numeric operator display

Graphic status of batch functions

Nozzle control for drum filling

Fieldbus networking: Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link

NEW – Remote control RF 433MHz to 350 metres


Enclosures: Stainless and Metal painted to IP65

Consoles: Pedestal and Desk versions

Remotes: Red LED and Yellow Digits

Loadcells: Tension, Compression and Shearbeam

Wireless: Bi-directional Serial communications

Printers: Label, Ticket and Strip Printers

Weighing Controller Cabinet KCB-S

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